Handicap Accessible


Limerick – Limerick Scenic Overlook

  • Everything can be seen from paved parking lot

Limington – Steep Falls 

  • Falls can be seen from bridge on Rt 11

North Oxford – Screw Auger Falls

  • Paved path from the parking lot to see upper falls; there’s also a specifically marked handicap trail to see more of the upper falls.

Portland – Bug Light Park 

  • Most everything is accessible from paved pathway

Wells – Webhannet Falls 

  • Paved walkway with bridge that gives you a direct view of waterfalls

West Paris – Snow Falls Gorge

  • Views of gorge can be seen from parking lot.


Ashby – Trap Falls 

  • Trail is a little bit rocky but still accessible per a little bit of weaving.


Albany – Albany Covered Bridge

  • Parking and bridge can be accessed by paved roadway

Albany – Rocky Gorge

  • .1mi paved path leads to bridge where you can see gorge head on

Bartlett – Diana’s Baths 

  • Trail is unpaved, but pretty easily accessible with a wheelchair, at least to the lower falls.

Bath – Bath Falls 

  • Falls can be seen from overlook to left of the bridge.

Dover/Somersworth – Willand Pond 

  • Accessible from Somersworth entrance off of Route 108

Hart’s Location – Silver Cascade 

  • Overall view is visible from parking area or sidewalk in front of falls

Keene – Beaver Brook Falls

  • Falls can be partially seen from roadside

Newport – Pollards Mills 

  • Entirety can be seen from the parking area

Rochester – Pickering Pond

Tamworth – Lake Chocorua

  • Road is a dirt path, but still smooth enough to access. As long as you stay along the sides of the bridge, it is easily and safely accessible.


Dummerston – Old Jelly Mill Falls 

  • Different parts of the falls can be seen roadside