Beaver Brook Falls – Keene, NH


Overall Rating: 2/5
Swimming Not Allowed
Handicap Accessible – falls are on a paved road but there’s not much to see roadside

Beaver Brook Falls is an odd little place. It sits off an old paved road just outside of the central Keene area. The road is now closed to vehicular traffic, but you can still hike up to the falls and have a little adventure! I’d like to mention, if you’re like me and hunt waterfalls on-line a bit before going to see them, this is one that I’ve seen several pictures of where the area is completely clear and you can see straight to the falls from the road; pictures from both old postcards and from about ten – fifteen years ago now. The area has changed quite a bit and is not maintained as I assume it once was. You really have to try in order to see this waterfall from the roadside!

Although the main attraction here is the waterfall and trying to get down to it, there are a few other places along the way to see that would be quite nice for other ventures. Part of the brook on which the cascade can be found runs under the old road at the beginning of your walk. If we had known just how much of the waterfall we would view when we first visited this area, I think we would have stopped at this little bridge with a couple of chairs, a good book, and just sat, watched and listened to the babbling brook.
There are a couple of different rock ‘walls’ (for lack of a better term) on the left side of the road as you’re walking up to the falls, one of which features a side profile of what is supposed to be a man’s face. The profile can be viewed both walking to and from the falls. Unfortunately, at the moment I am unable to find the name or any other information online that tells you the name, however, by the entrance gate, there is a sign telling you the couple different attractions you’ll see on your walk.



You can just barely make out the waterfall behind the trees.


The falls themselves are only about a 12ft drop with three small tiers, but are still a pretty cool sight from above or below (below being per pictures I’ve seen… sorry, folks, I don’t have any personally.) The falls aren’t really complicated to find; you can hear and partially see them about .55 mi up the old road. However, if you’d like to see them straight-on, you would need to scramble down a hill a little bit. It’s best to do this downstream from the falls (not right at them) and with tons of bug and tick spray. Like previously mentioned, the area is covered in tall grass and since this season’s tick population is so terribly terrible, please take precautions!

Here are some other things you might see while visiting the area:

In order to find Beaver Brook Falls, follow NH Rt 9 into Keene. Turn onto Washington St, then in .25mi turn left onto Concord Rd, then another almost immediate left onto Washington St Ext. Keep going down the road to the yellow gate; park in front of the gate and hike up the road to the falls.

Have fun and be safe!!





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