Stonehouse Pond – Barrington, NH


I never thought I would see something like this sitting in the middle of a town in southern NH, but it’s here and it’s got an amazing view! It’s a little steep to get up to the hill, but so well worth the climb. When you arrive at the top, you’ll see the pond below and in the distance, the Blue Hills of Strafford. And trees. Lots of trees.

While sitting atop the rocks, you can usually see duckies floating on the pond, sometimes a kayaker floating along as well. It’s very peaceful and relaxing, which helps after the steep upclimb. Unfortunately, no swimming is allowed here, but there is ‘Cartop Boat Access’, so you’re more than welcome to row, canoe or kayak the pond. The pond is managed as a ‘fly-fishing trout pond’, so fly-fishing is allowed, but only at certain dates. Please check the bulletin board when pulling into the parking lot for rules on fishing at this pond.

There are two access entries to this pond, but it really just ends up being a loop and depends on how steep you want your path up and back down to be.
The first entranceĀ can be found at the parking area just below the pond. To the right of the bulletin board, follow the stream to the dam, where you’ll find a small branch-bridge. Cross this bridge and follow the footpath you’ll find. Unfortunately, the footpath isn’t marked so you’ll have to follow the trail as best you can. This path is very steep; please proceed with caution.
The other trail entrance is back a bit from the pond. As you’re coming down the road to the pond, you’ll find a widened area where there is room enough for four to six cars depending on how you park. On the right side of the road, there are orange markers. In the winter, this is a snowmobile trail, but you can follow it, all the same, to get to the rock face. This side of the trail is marked which, by my understanding, makes it easier to travel.

To find Stonehouse Pond, follow Route 202 into Barrington. It is located 1.9 miles from the Rt 202/Rt 9 junction in Rochester and 3 miles from the Rt 202/Rt 4 junction in Northwood. The entry is marked with a fish and game sign and can be found on the East side of the road.

Have fun and be safe!!


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