Bug Light Park (and the Supermoon) – South Portland, ME


One of my favorite parks in/around the city of Portland is Bug Light. It’s not much: a small little lighthouse, a giant field, benches to sit by the ocean and relax, along with a giant boat structure. Not much, but it’s quite a lovely place.

Last November, we visited this park to see the supermoon. Dad wanted to take pictures somewhere that had a view but didn’t want to do the usual Portland Head Light; this ended up being where I came up with.  It took quite a while; we were there about an hour and a half before the moon finally rose above the horizon.

The pictures taken on my phone are not the greatest quality, but I like how the last one above came out. It was a great place to go for the Supermoon, especially with the dock in the foreground, but there’s a few more things to enjoy here.

IMG_5263The large boat structure found in the park is the Liberty Ship Memorial. During WWII, the park was the site of major shipbuilding of Liberty Ships and the structure serves as a memorial to the heritage of the park.

There’s a few little places to enjoy the view and for kids to run and play. As previously mentioned, there’s a huge field where lots of dogs can be found playing as well as kids. Following the trail down the other side of the park, you’ll find a few more grassy spots. It would be a lovely place to take a picnic lunch and relax by the ocean. It’s also a great spot to shoot the sunset over Portland.

Last but not least, is the little lighthouse the park is named after. Technically it’s named Portland Breakwater Light, but it was deemed ‘Bug Light’ because of the size. This lighthouse was built in 1875, and used up until 1943 when it was decommissioned. When visiting the park, you’re able to walk along the breakwater and around the lighthouse.

All in all this is a pretty cool place! It’s fun to visit and enjoy at anytime. This is one place I can’t really give you directions to, but if you’re using GPS, ’55 Bug Light Park’ is the closest address to use; this will bring you to the building across from the park.

Have fun and be safe!!


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