What I Keep in My Backpack (Sorta…)

I thought I’d share with you guys what I take on hikes/waterfall trips/adventures with me for a little bit of a different post today, so here goes!

Here’s an overall look! (It looks a bit messy; let’s get a little closer in…)
I carry A LOT of stuff, or at least, to me, it’s a lot. I didn’t get a picture of at least two things I take with me: an extra sweatshirt usually gets thrown in the bag and the blanket on which all the pictures are taken goes in, too, or at least some blanket goes in. Obviously the sweatshirt is for extra warmth, but the blanket serves a dual purpose; both for warmth in case of emergency or for laying down on the ground and sitting down on.
DSC_2152First and foremost, after my backpack of course, are my wallet and diabetic supplies. As a T1Diabetic, it’s kind of necessary to have those!


Then there are my FitKicks. I did a post going into more detail here, but these are a great shoe that double as both a water shoe and an active shoe. I usually wear my sneakers or boots whenever we go someplace and bring these along if I’m going in the water. Where we visit the river so much, these are a great shoe that help to grip the slippery rocks. I love having them and highly suggest getting your own pair! They come in various patterns and sizes for men, women and children!
Sunscreen and bug spray are essential. I don’t really have a favorite bug spray, but Cutter seems to work best, especially in the woods. Sun Bum is my favorite sunscreen mostly due to the fact that it’s one of the only ones that I don’t have some sort of skin reaction to. It almost smells AMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAZING! Coconut-y goodness. That is all.
Some small accessories I carry with me are my waterproof phone case and two different flashlights. The phone case is from Wish.com and it works really well!! I was quite surprised, honestly. If you’re looking to get your own, make sure you get one with the locking top and not the snaps. This one in particular also has a removable neck strap which is a smooth satin ribbon. All in all, I’m a fan.
The pink light in that same picture is also from Wish. It’s really one of those selfie lights that you can charge in a USB port. It doesn’t really shine far, but for the minimal amount of night hiking I do, it’ll work.
I have no idea where the other flashlight came from, but my mom got it for me ages ago. It’s a little LED keychain light that shines much farther than the other, so I keep it with me. There’s nothing I really need either of the flashlights for; they’re really both more for emergency’s sake.


Binoculars might seem passe, but they come in handy sometimes. I climbed Bauneg Beg in North Berwick, ME, the other day, and these helped to see Mt. Washington even closer than already seen by the naked eye. I was pretty pleased!


SNACKS! Again, I’m diabetic, so these are mostly for emergency’s sake. We usually pack lunch with us anyway, so these aren’t normally necessary but if you know diabetic life, these are necessary and smart to have.
My waterfall book usually comes with me. This site was originally going to be specifically for waterfalls, but we go a lot more places than just waterfalls now, so it became nature. Anyways, that’s beside the point. These are for the waterfalls we visit! I have names and little reviews for each one, organized by state and then the amount of time it takes to get there from home. And of course, to go along with that, pens…


I usually bring a book with me. Even if I don’t get to reading it, I like having it if we plan to sit and stay somewhere for a little while. I don’t do well just sitting and relaxing, unfortunately.


An umbrella because as much as I love the rain, I’m not the biggest fan of walking in it…

DSC_2162My favorite water bottle, of course.

DSC_2166Hair accessories; a couple barrettes, a couple hair elastics and my bandana. These all come in handy now that my hair has grown out!
DSC_2161Walking sticks! Obviously, these don’t fit in my backpack, but one of the two is usually with me when hiking.
DSC_2167Last but not least, one of my eleven pairs of sunglasses comes with me. Protecting your eyes is important, y’all!

Well, I hope you’ve all enjoyed this post! What do you take on your treks? Is there anything you thing I should add to my pack? Comment on this post and let me know!

Have fun out there and be safe!


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