Sabbaday Falls – Waterville Valley, NH

Overall Rating: 4/5
Swimming Rating: not allowed within 500ft of falls (correction: at all)
Hike Time/Distance: 15min/.3mi
Hike Difficulty: Easy
Fee: $3/car
Restrooms Available / (Supposedly Handicap Accessible?)

In almost the middle of the Kancamagus Highway sits Sabbaday Falls. It goes without saying that this is one of the most beloved (or maybe just most visited) waterfalls in the state. On any summer or fall day, you can find the parking lot overflowing with visitors, whether they be locals or tourists. With several turns and tiers, it’s pretty astounding to see!

A .3 mile hike to the 45′ falls makes it one of the more easily accessed waterfalls in the White Mountains. From a bit a research, what I’ve found so far says that the falls are handicap accessible if taking the upper trail which overlooks the entire waterfall. Be aware, the trails are dirt, so spring/snow melt season may not be the best time to visit if you’re expecting to take the handicap route.
If you take the route to the lower falls, a lovely pool can be found below. There is no swimming allowed at the falls, but if you’re close enough and there’s a heavy enough flow, you’ll feel a nice refreshing mist from the falls. You can sometimes even feel this up on the walkway above!

To find Sabbaday is pretty easy. It’s 15.5 miles/20mins from the Conway intersection of NH16 and Rt112, on the left. It’s 20.3 miles/30 mins from the Lincoln intersection of Rt112 and Rt3, on the right.

Have fun and be safe!!


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