Silver Cascade – Hart’s Location, NH

Overall Rating: 5/5
Swimming Not Possible (Don’t even try it, people have died here…)
Hike Difficulty: Easy / Roadside
Hike Distance/Time: Negligible
Fee: None
Handicap Accessible (Please Read Below) 

One of NH’s tallest waterfalls, Silver Cascade is also one of the easiest to see! Roadside on 302, it’s a great stop if you’re headed north… or anywhere, really. The height is well debated; some say 160ft, some say 200ft, the actual being well over at 250ft. It’s not the tallest in the state, but it comes in second (or… with silver… haha…)

You are welcome to climb over the guardrail in front of the falls and climb up the rock face a bit, but please, I beg you, be careful!!! Like previously mentioned, people have died here trying to get closer to the falls. While that is fun to do and more than welcome, the rocks can be slippery, no matter the time of year. The current is so strong here that the falls will take you down river fast. I don’t want this at all to deter you from exploring, just to remind you to be mindful of what you do and where you step.

I mentioned that this is handicap accessible, which kind of depends on just how comfortable you are with going across 302. The parking lot is across the road from the falls but on a hill. There’s a sidewalk in front of the falls, as well, so it’s definitely ‘accessible’ but the actual safety of access is questionable. Take your own risk with this one, folks.

To find Silver Cascade, follow 302 into Hart’s Location. If heading from North Conway, it’ll be 25.1 miles out after North Conway, on the right, parking area on the left. If heading from Twin Mtn./Caroll, NH side of 302, it’ll be 10 miles from the Rt 3/302 intersection on the left, parking on the right.

Have fun and be safe!!



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