Glen Falls – Fairlee, VT

Overall Rating: 4/5
Swimming Not Allowed
Hike Time/Distance: 5min/.2mi to lower falls // 8min/.3 to upper falls
Hike Difficulty: Easy
Fee: None
Restroom Available

Around the area of Glen Falls, there’s a couple different things to see and enjoy. Glen Falls is one of them, of course, but there’s also Lake Morey along with hiking at Bald Top Mtn. and the Palisades Trail, along with many others (find a good list here). It’s a lovely natural place!

Glen Falls is much more than my pictures even begin to show. There’s a lovely lower falls (pictured) and an upper falls, which was completely frozen over. If it were spring, summer or fall (or pretty much anytime that doesn’t have snow), I would say the entire hike is easy. However, when you’re me and forget your boots, and your sneakers lack sufficient tracking… well, you’ll at least be able to see the lower falls, but upper falls might be a little bit of slippery trek.

Aside from the falls, at the parking area there’s a couple benches where you can sit and overlook Lake Morey and mountains in the background (I apologize, I don’t know the name!!)

I’d love to make a revisit to this place and I can’t wait to post about it. I love it here, not just the falls, but there area and things to do around it. I’m not sure if they’ll being having it this year (2017) but last year, Fairlee had a Forest Festival in the Village Center with all sorts of stuff about wildlife and nature! The festival was held Saturday and guided hikes were held on Sunday. It looked like a cool event from what I saw, so keep your eyes peeled if you’re interested in going! (I’m truly hoping they have another this year!!!!)

To find Glen Falls, take Lake Morey Rd W in Fairlee to the boat launch (you’ll see a sign that says ‘ Vermont Department of Fish & Wildlife Access Area MOREY LAKE’), park here. You’ll be across from two of the Bald Top Mtn trails, but don’t take the trails for the falls!! Instead, head up the road, toward the tennis courts and on the right side of the road, before the bridge going over Glen Falls Brook, you’ll see a path through the woods. Take this path along the brook and you’ll find the falls in no time.

Have fun and be safe!!


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