Beede Falls – Sandwich, NH

Overall Rating: 3/5
Swim Rating: 3/5
Hiking Distance/Time: .25mi / 5min
Hiking Difficulty: Easy
Fee: None

About half an hour from NH-16, tucked away in Sandwich Notch Park sits a neat place called Beede Falls. It’s not just another waterfall in the White Mountains; there’s a bit more to it than that! Not only will you find a main waterfall here flowing into a refreshing wading pool, you’ll also find a lower falls that doubles as a natural water slide (several for that matter!) Each tier is short enough, each along with a pool shallow enough to slide down into! The pool at the upper falls is shallow enough (only about knee/calf deep while regular flow) to stand under and behind the falls.

The water here, at least the few times we’ve been, is very chilling. However, I suspect this is due to the fact that there was no sun shining when we visited. It’s a wide enough open area for the sun to hit, so I can only imagine that this would be quite different on a warm and sunny day. Like I previously stated, it’s really only deep enough to wade in, however, I’ve seen astounding pictures when there’s is high water flow and it looks like you could really go for a deep swim! PLEASE, I BEG YOU, if you decide to make that crazy choice, be safe, be careful…. really just don’t be stupid. If you’re not a strong swimmer or the current looks intense, stay away! No thrill is worth your life.

Along with the falls, there’s a couple other things to check out at and around the area. There’s Cow Cave, for one. The story goes that a cow wandered off from a long ago nearby farm. It went missing for a good chunk of the winter and was later found hiding in the cave near the falls. I’m going to have to take another gander, but all the references I’m finding say the cave is the one just under the waterfall. However, I remember seeing a sign after the footbridge, just beyond the falls, that pointed towards the Mead Base Trail. If you know where the cave actually is, please inform me!
Ah, that’s another trail to take! The Mead Base Trail will lead you on a moderate hike back to the Mead Explorer Base Camp. If you decide to take this route, after arriving at Base Camp, the hike is about a half an hour back to the parking lot at the falls.
One last place to stop as you’re making your way back from Sandwich Notch Rd, is an overlook on Diamond Ledge Rd. There’s enough room on the east side of the road to pull over and take in the view of (I believe) Dinsmore Pond. It’s a breath taking view, as you can see from a couple of the pictures above, especially at sunset.

To find Beede Falls, take 109 or 113 to Diamond Ledge Rd. Instead of going straight to the Base Camp, take a left at Sandwich Notch Rd. Follow the road for about .9mi; the parking lot will be on your right.

Have fun and be safe!!


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