Albany Covered Bridge – Albany, NH

Overall Rating: 3/5
Swim Rating: 3/5
Hike Distance/Time: less than .1mi/less than 5min
Hike Difficulty: Easy
Fee: $3/car
Handicap Accessible // Restrooms Available
Covered Bridge #49
More information on the bridge structure and history can be found here.


Covered bridges are one of the biggest attractions in New Hampshire, whether you’re a local or a tourist. Some have waterfalls just below them, some are old railroad bridges/trusses, some are now closed to actual traffic but left roadside just for viewing and historical purposes, and most of them span the width of some sort of waterway. Albany Covered Bridge spans the width of the Swift River and connects NH Route 112 and Dugway/Passaconaway Roads.

You could stop at just taking pictures in front of and from the bridge in the fall (the most popular time for visitors), but in other seasons, mostly summer, there’s lots of other stuff to do as well. The following are just a few:

  • To the left and right, both before and after the bridge, there are rock paths down to the river. You can sit on the large boulders here and enjoy the coolness of the water and a picturesque view of the bridge.
  • If you follow the bridge and head to the right after crossing, less than .1mi from the bridge, you’ll find the Boulder Loop Trailhead. From my findings online, the views are gorgeous from the top, but I have yet to climb the trail, so I can’t give you much more than that.
  • About .9mi away from the bridge there’s Big Brook which¬†feeds into the Swift River. Just before the brook is a driveway big enough for two cars (please be courteous; it’s not a place visited often, but it’s still nice to leave a spot if someone comes along and is interested). There are tiny little waterfalls created here by the boulders which sit in the brook. It’s nice, cool and relaxing to sit here and enjoy the water. Just a couple warnings: it’s super cold at the brook; the sun doesn’t really hit it because of such dense tree cover, which can be very shocking to the system if you’re not expecting it. Also, BRING BUG SPRAY. We threw some on the day we went, which helped a bit, but we noticed bugs flying all around us. Not sure it’s really a place you want to stop without spray.

There’s a few more things to do off of Passaconaway Rd, but that’s it for what’s close by the bridge. It’s a truly lovely spot with more to it than just a bridge.

The water is not extremely deep here, but the current is strong so please swim at your own risk. If bringing small children, I highly suggest taking them to the Dugway/Passaconaway Rd side of the bridge and heading to the right. There’s a little bench here and just below is a small sand area. The rocks can be a bit slippery even when dry, so the safest bet would be to head here.

Finding Albany Covered Bridge is pretty simple. If you’re heading west, it’ll be 6 miles from Rt 16. If you’re heading east, it’ll be 29.1mi from Loon Mountain Resort (since I can’t think of anything else over that side of 112… sorry guys…)

Have fun and be safe!!




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