Lake Chocorua – Tamworth

Overall Rating: 4/5 stars
Swim Rating: 4/5 (though we’re not 100% sure that swimming is actually allowed)
Hike Time/Distance: Roadside
Hike Difficulty: Easy
Fee: None

Just a short ways away from North Conway sits Lake Chocorua in the town of Tamworth. You can get a great view just from driving past on the Chocorua Mountain Highway, but it’s much better to stop and actually enjoy!

When you pull onto Chocorua Lake Rd, you’ll find a small area with benches to have a seat and enjoy the view. There’s a bridge you can walk out on, but please, especially with dogs and children, be careful. There’s only room for one car at a time, so caution is key. From this bridge, you can see a gorgeous view of the lake and, just beyond, Mt. Chocorua. It’s so peaceful and lovely.

Lake Chocorua is pretty easy to find. Follow Chocorua Mountain Highway into Tamworth and look for Chocorua Lake Rd. The parking lot will be on the left just as you turn onto the road.

Have fun and be safe!


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