Limerick Scenic Overlook – Limerick, ME

Overall Rating: 3/5
Fee: None
Restroom Available

I’ve just realized I have a picture of this lovely place in every season, which makes me quite happy. Anyways, we came upon this one by accident. We were driving back home from somewhere one day and saw a sign for ‘scenic overlook’. We pulled in and felt really warm and fuzzy from the view (okay, maybe that sounded weird, but don’t judge! We all have our quirks…) My pictures do not do this place enough justice. You’re standing atop the hill on Rt 5 overlooking Sokokis Lake, with Hoosac Mountain in the background. Maybe that doesn’t sound like an astounding view, but trust me, it is.

There’s quite a few spots for parking; maybe about 15 total, I think. There’s a directional sign (featured in pretty much all the pictures above…) which points out Mt. Washington, Sokokis Lake, Hoosac Mountain and the direction of Portland and Boston. I can’t find much information online about the park itself, but there also sits a stone sign labeling the scenic overlook, saying that it is courtesy of John and Marie Carroll. If any one knows anymore about this part of the little park, please comment below! There’s also a bench, with fencing in front of it so that you don’t fall down the hill, that allows you to sit, relax and take in the beautiful panoramic view of the area. There’s usually, or maybe I should say, every time we’ve been it’s been there, a port-a-potty if you have to make a pit stop. As for picturesque opportunities, it’s not only a fantastic sunrise and sunset location, but the Supermoon can be awesomely viewed from here as well!

There’s not much else I can say to ‘glorify’ this lovely place and maybe that’s because it’s not really a place you can get to know just from me putting down some words on a page. It’s definitely more of a place you have to visit for yourself and hopefully, you’ll get the same warm fuzzies I do. To find the overlook, just take Route 5 into Limerick and it’s on the side of the road!

Have fun and be safe!


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