Trap Falls – Ashby, MA

Overall Rating:  4/5 Stars
Swim Rating: Not Possible
Hike Distance/Difficulty: Roadside/Easy
Fee: None, but donations are accepted.

In the midst of Willard Brook State Forest in Ashby, MA, sits Trap Falls. This roadside falls has become one of our favorites; being that it’s just a short ways away from my brother’s house, we’ve visited there just about every other time we go to visit his family.

As you walk into the park, the trail leading there follows right along the brook that flows from the falls. You round a bend, and, as seen in the third picture, you can see the cross bridge and the falls just behind it. This is a triple plunge type waterfall that sits at about 30 feet tall. There’s several rocks around, below and above the falls that you can sit on and enjoy the view. I will say, this is definitely a waterfall that’s good to see in winter, after a heavy rain or after the snow melt. I know it’s weird to suggest most waterfalls in winter, but this one has a very unique effect. Because of the way the snow and ice sit atop the falls, when the water flows over the edge, you end up seeing more of a horsetail effect rather than the usual plunge. It looks pretty neat!

The last time we visited Trap Falls was on Christmas Day. Surprisingly, the parking lot was plowed out, unlike many other state parks during winter. The trail to the falls may be a little different now (very heavy snow fall!) but when we visited, the trail was was almost bare – you could see the ground through people’s footprints! It was a little slippery, but for the most part it was a pretty easy trek.

In order to find Trap Falls, take Rt 119. It’ll be on the east side of the road in Ashby. Just be careful as there is a bend in the road before and after the parking area, so if you’re going too fast, it can easily be missed.

Have fun and be safe out there!


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