Steep Falls – Limington, ME


Overall Rating: 3/5
Swim Rating: Swimming Not Allowed
Hike Time, Distance & Difficulty: Roadside/ Five Minutes
Fee: None

Steep Falls, not to be confused with the town just north of the falls, sits in Limington and Baldwin, Maine. This block type falls sits on the Saco River. Without walking out to the falls, it can be seen from the Route 11 bridge. Even at only six feet tall, this is still a very powerful waterfall.

As you can see, we didn’t get too close to the falls, mostly due to part of the walk. There’s a path on the northern side of the Route 11 bridge that leads on a walk to the falls. However, bring your water shoes or shoes you don’t care about getting wet, part of the trail is a rock path that’s safe but not enough above water to walk on when cold, which, considering we visited in November, was pretty cold. There’s definitely a path beyond this point though and we plan on exploring more next spring or summer.

This waterfall is pretty easy to find. Take Route 11, and heading towards the town of Steep Falls, there’ll be a bridge you pass over just before getting to town. There’s a small parking lot on the right. The walking path is just across the street. Dogs are allowed here as long as they are leashed.

Have fun and be safe!


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