Old Jelly Mill Falls – Dummerston, VT

Alternate Name(s):
Stickney Brook Falls
Overall Rating: 
3/5 stars
Swim Rating: 1/5 (good for wading, but not much else)
Hike Time/Distance: Roadside
Hike Difficulty: Easy
Fee: None

If you’re looking for a peaceful place to sit, have a picnic, and do a little bit of climbing, this is the place for you! Just off Rt 30 in Dummerston, VT, sits Old Jelly Mill Falls. Park on the dirt areas at the sides of Stickney Brook Rd and an easy climb off the road will put you at the edge of the falls.  As you can tell by the name, a mill (of the jelly variety) used to sit on the land and then a restaurant of the same name, as well.

There are many ledges/tiers here, the overall drop height being no more than 40-50ft. Full-on swimming is not possible here; but it’s a great spot for families as there’s little wading pools on each tier.
We visited on a chilly October day and though beautiful, the sun never really hits the waterfall due to the direction the falls sit, so, I can only assume, that in the summer the water here gives you an amazing spot to cool off at. As you can tell by my pictures, there was a light flow when we visited but we’ve also had a severe drought this year in New England. That being said, it still seemed to still have a decent flow; I would love to see what it’s like after a heavy rain or the snow melt!

There’s only one thing I wish was different about this place: all. the. litter! Please people, respect a public place and leave it better than you found it! The alcohol bottles sitting along the road’s edge are not attractive and it’s on the list of things that can easily turn a lovely public grounds into posted property.
TL;DR: Please respect the area so others can enjoy it as well!!

To find this waterfall, follow Rt 30 in Vermont to Stickney Brook Rd. You’ll see the falls on the right hand side of the road as soon as you turn!

Have fun and be safe!


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