Webhannet Falls – Wells, ME

Overall Rating: 2/5 stars
Swim Rating: Swimming Not Allowed
Hike Distance/Time: Negligible
Hike Difficulty: Easy
Fee: None

Webhannet Falls is a great little place to stop and relax from the summer craziness of Route One. It’s not exactly the most peaceful place to be, as it is a roadside falls, but it’s well worth grabbing a cup of coffee and chilling on the bench that sits above the falls. It’s not a place you’ll want to stay all day, but it’s worth a good ten or fifteen minutes.  These photos were taken two days after we had received heavy rains in the area but are still close to the regular flow of the falls.

There are two different parts of the little park where the falls are viewable. One is the footbridge above the falls. It’s not the best spot, but it is still clearly visible through the tree line (as shown in the first photo). There’s another spot off to the left of the parking lot. You’ll see a boulder to the left with two plaques on it. There’s a trail through the trees to the right. You can go up a small ways to a wider view of the falls, though a bit obstructed by trees (as shown in second photo). Please take caution though, very little land on the left side of the falls is open to public use; the rest is posted property and it is requested that you respect the owner’s privacy.

Finding this waterfall is pretty easy. Take Route One into Wells, ME, and turn onto Buffam Hill Rd. (If you can’t find the name of the road, look for the little red farmstand to the side.) Immediately take a right onto Falls Park. At the end of the road, there is a parking lot. Park there and take a walk around!

Have fun and be safe!


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